Amira Fawzy Ali

Dr. Amira Fawzy Ali Ibrahem

Member of the French-Egyptian Centre for the Study of the Temples of Karnak (CFEETK — Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities)

Doctor of Philosophy in Egyptology
Inspector and archaeologist at Karnak Temples

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Projects at Karnak

— Study of the archaeological material discovered during the excavation in front of the first pylon.
— Member of project of restauration and study of the edifice of Taharqa by the Sacred Lake (in charge of the study of the blocks of Shabako).
— Member of the organising comittee of the Theban Archaeology Meeting (conference and proceedings forthcoming)


2022 — Speaker at International Congress “Current Research in Egyptology 2022” hosted by the Université Montpellier III – Paul Valéry (France), 26th – 30th September 2022.
2020 — Speaker at the International Conference of the Faculty of Archeology at Samarra University of Samarra entitled with” Modern methods in Archeology and its Relation to Other Sciences”, Online 1st July 2020.
2019 — Speaker at Luxor Archaeologists Forum at Mummification Museum by the Ministry of Antiquities, 27th October.
2018 — Speaker at Fourth Researchers Youth Conference for Fine Arts, Tourism and Archeology, South Valley University (Luxor from 19th February to 20th February): “The political and religious role of the Goddess wife’s during 25th and 26th dynasties at Karnak Temples”.

Local Heritage Initiative

2021 — Guiding the Egyptians  to know their history and heritage in Karnak temples as part of the “Shatti Fe Masr initiative “ (Spend Winter in Egypte).
2020 — Participation in organizing an initiative for the hearing impaired to learn about their heritage on the World Heritage Day in the Karnak Temples.
2019 — Participation in organizing Excavation and Drawing workshop for disabled children to raise awareness towards their heritage in the Karnak Temples.



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— “Terracotta Figurines from Karnak Excavation”, Cahiers de Karnak 17.


« Evidence for the Cult of Osiris at Karnak during the Greco-Roman Period: The Excavations in front of the 1st Pylon », dans A. Bouhafs, L. Chapon, M. Claude, et. al.Current Research in Egyptology 2022CENiM 36, 2023, p. 171-182.


— “Terracotta Figurines of Isis Goddess from Karnak Excavation”, in The first International Conference of the Faculty of Archeology, Samarra University, 2020, p.323-336.


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