Call for participation, training workshop: “Conducting Scientific Research in Egyptology: Tools and Methods”, 17-19 September 2023

17 juillet 2023 par Jérémy Hourdin
The CFEETK is please to announce the first training workshop in Egyptology, which will take place from 17 to 19 September 2023 in Karnak. Please find here the call for participation!

“Conducting Scientific Research in Egyptology: Tools and Methods”

Training workshop
17-19 September 2023 — Karnak, Luxor

The CFEETK, with the participation of the Ifao, will organise a training workshop on tools and methods used by Egyptologists from 17th to 19th September 2023. This workshop will take place at the library of the CFEETK in Karnak (Luxor).

It is intended for inspectors with a bachelor’s degree who wish to continue their academic studies (master or beginning of doctorate studies) in Egyptology.

The lectures will be given in English by a panel of Egyptian and French Egyptologists.


— Learning scientific tools: presentation of the main encyclopaedias and tools available in libraries, digital tools and databases, etc. (with a focus about Karnak area).
— Conducting scientific research: defining and delimiting a subject, identifying sources, bibliographical research, etc.
— Sharing your research: giving an oral presentation, knowing the international scientific standards for publishing an article, etc.

The third day will be devoted to visiting the CFEETK archaeological projects within the Karnak precinct, with its two directors, and discovering the different stages of the scientific work.


Dr. Ahmed AL-TAHER (CFEETK-MoTA, co-director of the CFEETK)
Dr. Luc GABOLDE (CFEETK-CNRS, co-director of the CFEETK)
Dr. Ahmed MEKAWY OUDA (Cairo University / Ifao)
Dr. Mathilde PREVOST (Ifao)

To apply:

(1) Complete the Central Training Unit form (link here).

(2) Send a motivation letter (1 page, in English) and your CV
by e-mail to Dr. Jérémy HOURDIN (

Application deadline: 10 August 2023

Call for participation, PDF VERSION (DOWNLOAD) : ENGLISH VERSION / العربية