11 décembre 2022

THE SKY ABOVE US — Exhibition

"THE SKY ABOVE US", A Photograpahy exhibition from the archive of Henri Chevrier by Émilie Saubestre (11 December 2022 - 1 January 2023).

The exhibition THE SKY ABOVE US features works by Émilie Saubestre who proposes to place contemporary creation out of the archive of Henri Chevrier as a focal point to observe the bonds between photography and researchers at the CFEETK (CNRS-MoTA). In her series of photographs THE SKY ABOVE US (2019), Émilie Saubestre (French, b.1986) references both to the history of the archeology photography and the contemporary photography appropriation. In this series, she reframes archive images from Henri Chevrier, an architect who coordinated the researches and restorations of the temples of Karnak between 1926 and 1954 on behalf of the Egyptian Antiquities Service.

É. Saubestre explores the production and use of photographs in both archeology and egyptology fields, and thus she proposes to open the cultural heritage documentary photography to the art practices. The pictures presented drawn on excavation activities to allude to poetic snapshot, playing with photographic conventions: subjects are unframing, chemical deterioration are highlighted and traces from the
past revealed.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Exhibition at the west exhibition hall
Al Azaritah WA Ash. Shatebi, Bab Sharqi, Alexandrie 21526


© Image from Émilie Saubestre series of photographs THE SKY ABOVE US.
Date: Just before 1937
Alleged photographer: Henri Chevrier
Location: The Open Air Museum, White Chapel of Sesostris I (*)

About the conservation project of the photos of H. Chevrier:

(*) : Documentation work in collaboration with Valentine Marlot (Univ. Lyon II, HiSoMA) – link.