Mona Ali Abady

Dr. Mona Ali Abady

Member of the French-Egyptian Centre for the Study of the Temples of Karnak (CFEETK — Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities)

Doctor in Egyptology
Inspector and archaeologist at Karnak Temples


2022: PhD degree from Mansoura University in Egyptian Archaeology in subject (The Significance of Caches in Ancient Egypt and Nubia according to the archaeological location, context and contents).

2017: Master degree from Mansoura University in Egyptian Archaeology in subject (Firing structures in ancient Egypt (stoves –Hearths –Ovens-Kilns –Furnaces).

Career and work History

2020: November to April 2021: working as a team member of the Research and Excavation project held in the chapel of Osiris Ptah Neb Ankh (OPNARP), Directed by Mr. Essam Nagi.

2019: Member of documentation team at “El-Sheikh Labib (B) Storeroom, Karnak. Temples” by Ministry of Antiquities.

2019: 27th of October:  a lecturer in the Meeting of Egyptian Archaeologist held in the mummification museum at Luxor on the caches in ancient Egypt.

2019: from 20 July to 1 Augusts working as a database designer and training some inspectors to use file maker pro and organizing the archaeological archive in Cairo and Giza scientific center for training Egyptian Archaeologists.

2019: 18th of April organizing a workshop to show the importance of our heritage for special needs students in Karnak temples by simulating the excavation methods and how to restore the monuments and record it.

2018: from 30 October to 1December worked as a team member with the French Mission of Excavation in Al-Bad`c (Tabuk Province) in Saudi Arabia.

2018: working as a team member of the Research and Excavation project held in the chapel of Osiris Ptah Neb Ankh (OPNARP), Directed by Mr. Essam Nagi.

2017-2018: working as a topographer in the project of development the sphinx avenue between Karnak and Luxor temples.

2017: from 27 February to 23 March worked with the French Italian Mission of Excavation in Dumat Al-Jandal in Saudi Arabia.

2016: from 6 November to 15 December joined a course of site management and community Archaeology by collaboration with the American Research Center Associate and the Faculty of York to develop Memphis site.

2016: from August to September worked on survey project for the sphinx Avenue between Luxor and Karnak temples.

2014-2016: for two seasons working with the CFEETK in Karnak on the Excavation of Ptah temple Precinct North of Karnak (Excavating- Recording- publishing) under the supervision of the site manager “Guillaume Charloux”.

2014: Assistant for Supervisors in Dendera temple field school (site Excavation).

 2013: from the 7th to the 12th October training on the Epigraphic survey in Karnak Temple under the supervision of the CFEETK.

2013: from 17-feb-2013 until 11-apr-2013 Trainee in the field school done in the court of the Theban Tomb TT110 in Qurna under the Supervision of the American Research Centre and Egyptian Supervisors.

2012: from 31 Oct 2012: Member of the front of Karnak Amun Temple Excavation Team. 
Duties: Excavating the Ptolemaic Bath and the Greco Roman Settlement in front of Karnak Temple, Documentation the new finds, Drawing, and Objects Recording.



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