Ahmed Nasseh

Member of the French-Egyptian Centre for the Study of the Temples of Karnak (CFEETK)
Inspector of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities

Complete name : Ahmed Mohamed Sayed Elnasseh
Birth: 1983

Contact email : ahmednasseh@gmail.com

Education :

• 2005: Bachelor of Arts, Department of Archaeology, Minia University
• 2020: Pre-master study, Faculty of archaeology, Luxor University
• 2023: Master student, Faculty of archaeology, Luxor University

Career and Training History

• January 2010 – February 2011: Field Archaeologist (Sphinx Avenue Excavation-Karnak: Luxor).
• May 2011 – Present: Archaeological Inspector, Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.
• February 2012: Epigraphy and drawing objects field training.
• October 2014 – June 2017: Field Archaeologist, member with the Centre Franco-Egyptian (CFEETK), Ptah Temple excavation project at Karnak.
• September – October 2016 : Memphis site and community development “site management field Training” by Ancient Egypt Research Associates (AERA).
• March 2017: Archaeologist, “the Italian French Saudian mission in Daumat al-Jandal project- KSA”.
• 5-9th November 2017: Management of world heritage sites workshop by UNESCO Cairo office- held in Luxor.
• 10th February: 15th March 2018; Epigrapher trainee Theban tomb 110 Epigraphy and research project American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE).
• November 2018: Archaeologist, “the Saudi French mission in Tabuk region, at Almalha site “Albadc”- KSA”.
• 2018-2020: Field Archaeologist, Member of the Egyptian mission which works at Osir Ptah Neb Ankh research project (OPNARP).
• 2020: Field Archaeologist, Member of the Egyptian mission which works at the project of developing the avenue of sphinxes south to Karnak.
• 2021: Field Archaeologist, Member – the Egyptian mission which works in front of Luxor temple “Tawfik Andraos palace excavation”.
• 2021 – present: Field Archaeologist, Member of the Egyptian mission which works at the so-called “the Golden City Site “city of Amenhotep III -north of Habu, western Thebes, under the Supervision of by Prof Dr. Zahi Hawass.


As co-Author:

• With CHARLOUX (G.), BISTON-MOULIN (S.), THIERS (Chr.), Et al.« Le temple “primitif” de Ptah à Karnak »BIFAO 117, 2017, p. 125-161.
• With CHARLOUX (G.), THIERS (Chr.), ABD AL-AZIZ (M.), ABADY MAHMOUD (M.A.), « The afterlife of Egyptian statues: a cache of religious objects in the temple of Ptah at Karnak »Antiquity 359, 2017, p. 1189-1204.
• With CHARLOUX (G.), DURAND (B.), Et al.« Le domaine du temple de Ptah à Karnak. Nouvelles données de terrain »Karnak 16, 2017, p. 93-120.